In the lime-rich, but nutrient-poor, marshes at Ombergsliden the diversity and beauty of the flora of is striking. There are a large number of orchids including the rare Short-spurred Fragrant Orchid.

Along the foot of the eastern slopes of Omberg there are many small marshes that nestle in the open spaces in the forest. Five of these are included in the Ombergsliden Nature Reserve.

The lime marshes of Ombergsliden have a very rich flora. During the summer you can find many orchids here, including the rare Short-spurred Fragrant Orchid that grows profusely in the northwestern marsh. You can also find the Fly Orchid, Early Marsh, Red Early Marsh and White Early Marsh Orchids. The Alpine Bartsia, a relic left after the retreat of the ice sheet, is also found here. The Butterwort is another remarkable plant that fulfils its nitrogen requirement by catching insects on its sticky leaves. Typical grasses include Ruddy Scirpus and Broad-leaved Cotton Grass.

The damp and lime-rich environment provides the right conditions for several rare molluscs. In the more open grazed areas you can watch the numerous species of butterflies found in the area. The reserve also includes some forest that is to be allowed to develop into old forest. On the higher parts of Ombergsliden there is a steppe-like meadow rich in flowers and from here there is a fantastic view of Lake Tåkern.

The reserve extends to 23 hectares and is owned by the State.